Ice Skating at Seventh Mountain Resort has been a winter tradition for families on Central Oregon’s oldest outdoor rink.

Please make a reservation prior to arrival. We are an outdoor rink that is subject to weather delays and closures reservations allow us to inform you if there are any cancelations or delays in your session.  Online reservations save $3 per person. 

Walk-ups are allowed but please note that we do not discount walk up pricing (Adult $18 and Child $15).  Walk ups could find out that a session has been delayed, canceled or is full.  We highly recomend making an online reservation

Our reservations page and SMR Recreation on Facebook is a great way to get up to date weather information.  Refunds will be issued to any closed session due to weather delays or closures.   


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Hours and Sessions
Open to the public!

Open Skate sessions start at: 10am, 12noon, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm.  Sessions are for 90 minutes of skating.  We resurface the ice between sessions.  For session availibillity please go to the reservations page.  Session times that do not appear in the reservation screen are full or reserved as private ice. We do not have waiting lists. 

Kids Rockn Radio-  During these family sessions we play music more suited to the younger skaters.  Adults are welcome to join in the fun!

Cosmic Skate- During these sessions we have the disco ball spinning the and colored lights flashing.  We play a veriety of upbeat skating tunes and encourage costumes!  

Sessions will not be checked in and issued skates until 5 minutes prior to the session time.  We need to ensure that the prior session has checked out and skates cleaned before we can check in the next session.   Early arrivals please wait on the patio or in the Outfitter Bar while we get your session ready.   

Admission and Rentals

*Age 13 and up- $15 online and $18 walk up

*Age 12 and under- $12 online and $15 walk up

*Admission prices include a pair of rental skates*

$3 Discount for bringing your own skates with an online reservation

$3 Discount for dressing in costume during cosmic skate with an online reservation

Cancelations/late shows
You can change your reservation through your confirmation email.  We do charge no shows.  Unfortunately late shows will be charged full rate.  Late shows and no shows can be moved to a later session that day if space allows. 

If we need to cancel a session due to weather or ice conditions we will attempt to call you on the number left in your reservation and then we will cancel the reservation which will send an email showing the cancelation. No charge will be associated with us canceling a session.  

Skate Partys 

We welcome those that wish to host a skate party.  We have outside tables on the patio and on the boardwalk that are first come first serve.  Feel free to come 30 min before your skate session and claim a table.  Please bring balloons, streamers and a celebratory dessert  (no confetti or outside food/beverage). Food and cocoa can be purchased at the bar during restaurant hours.  Please make your skating reservation online to receive the online skating discount. 

Private Ice

Private ice is available on any open session that does not have prior skating reservations.  Any private ice booked during these times will be be charged for open skate and the session will be open to other guests.  Private ice pricing varies, please see the reservation page and click private event to see the private event to see pricing for a particular time slot.  

Hockey, hockey practice, stick and puck play and contact sports are not allowed during private ice.  

Skate Sharpening

Hockey and Figure Skate Sharpening

Sharp skates make skating easier. Whether you are a hockey or figure skater we can get your blades sharp, balanced and safe. Our Blademaster Techs will help you get the most from your skates. We try and sharpen skates as you wait but it could be 24 hours for skates to be sharpened. 

New Skates- $20
Resharpen- $12
5 Punch Card- $40
10 Punch Card- $70

Punch cards are per person and for a specific set of skates, they are not transferable and expire at the end of the season. 

Please go to our reservations page to schedule your sharpening. Drop ins are also welcome there just might be a longer delay.

Additional Information

If your questions were not answered on this page please look at the booking page as additional information is located in that widget.  Otherwise email us and I will get back to you on my next shift.  


Shinny is a no contact and socially distant style of stick and puck play.  Players must maintain social distance, wear face masks and bring a fun attitude to the ice.  For more information please visit