Are you ready for skating season!?

Bring in your hockey or figure skates for sharpening in October 2023 for $8 per pair! 



Skate Sharpening at Seventh Mountain

Did you know that new skates don’t come sharp or level?

Our Blademaster Technicians will get your skakes ready for the season when you bring them to the skate shop at Seventh Mountain! 


What skates do you sharpen? We sharpen both hockey and figure skates. Whether you choose a standard radius or want that custom edge for specific ice conditions our technicians will get those blades sharp. Our sharpening service also includes leveling the blade so that your skates will always engage evenly.

How long does it take? Usually we are able to sharpen your skates while you wait or before your skate session. However, if we are busy or if our Techs aren’t in the shop, it can be a next day pickup. Please give us a call before you head up, or just plan on a 24 hour turn around. If it is going to be more that 20 min of waiting we will let you use a rental pair so you can skate while you wait.

Is there a cost for skate sharpening?

New skates out of the box are $20
Used skates that need resharpening are $12

I don’t know if my skates need sharpening! Help! 

You are always welcome to bring them to the shop for a technician to help evaluate your skates. We will discuss what you need out of your skates and how we can help, free of charge. Please call ahead if you plan to stop by with questions about your skates.