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Outfitter Park Music Venue

2023 Ice Rink Concert Series  Apre Ski daily from 2pm to 5pm with 2 for 1 tacos and $5 beer! Music at the Speakeasy- Find the venue behind the bookshelf in The Outfitter Bar.  We host music every Saturday from 4 to 7pm . These shows are free of charge and offer a great place […]

Bend Oregon Festivals

Seventh Mountain Resort Events Feburary 14th 2020- Winter Pride Fest May 16th 2020- Mini PPP – Canceled June 13th 2020- Beer Bands and Public Lands August 8th 2020- Lava Kayak Race November 20th 2020- Ice Skating Opening Day November 20th to 25th- Community Food Drive December 19th and 20th- Skate With Santa Events Around Bend […]

Charitable Contributions

We Proudly Support Our Local Community Mission-Seventh Moutnain Recreation is dedicated to providing quality recreation to our guests. We are greatful that we get to make a living in our industry and appriciate the support of our local community. To give back we host a few events and donate to local fundraising events if the […]

Tap List and Menu

Hours and Sessions

Hours and Sessions All Hours are Open SkateHours can vary due to weather.  If it has snowed or it is going to snow please visit SMRRecreation on Facebook or give us a call to find out about snow removal efforts and a better timeline of operations.  The same goes for days with sun and temperatures […]

Theme Skate and Events

For the 2020/2021 Ice Skating Season   Opening Day and Food Drive to Benefit the Giving Plate20th November through 26th November *more events to be announced

Skate Sharpening

Our Blademaster technicians will sharpen and level your skates so you can perform your best  We sharpen both hockey and figure skates. Whether you choose a standard radius or want that custom edge for specific ice conditions our technicians will get those blades sharp. Our sharpening service also includes leveling the blade so that your […]

Skate Party Reservations

Summer The tradition of ice skating continues at Seventh Mountain Resort.  Since 1972 families have enjoyed gliding across our ice ring amongst the holiday decorations and under the disco lights.  Hours vary thought the season please reference the hours listed in the sidebar.  Hours may vary based on weather, please call 541 693-9124 or like […]