Skate Parties

Our rink is a great place to host a party!  We know that organizing an event can be a challenging task.  We try and keep those challenges at bay by keeping everything simple.


  • Are you going to pay for the skating or do you want each person to pay seperatly?
    • If you are paying for the party please make a reservation for the the whole group.  Our staff will keep track of how many skaters you have and will adjust the numbers to reflect an accurate payment.  If you dont know how many skaters, that is OK we are just looking for a reservation that is close.
    • If you want your guests to pay for skating please have them make a reservation.  This will help us in processing payments more efficient and will help us controle our skate inventory.
  • Do you need a table?
    • If you are looking for a gathering place for your group we have picnic tables on the boardwalk that are first come first serve.  This area is covered and there are a few heaters for thos colder days.  You are welcome to arive early to get a table.  Celebratory cakes are ok, but there is no outside food or beverage as per our contract with our outsourced kitchen. We will not check in skaters until the previous session is cleaned up, which is about 5 min prior to your session time.
    • If you are looking for an inside reserved table please order food from the Bigfoot BBQ party menu. To order food please email your food package and group size.  Group packages need to be emailed 2 days prior to your event. Please also include your phone number and your skate session time.  Payment for the food will be separate from your skate reservation and will be processed at the time of check in.
  • If you have additional questions please first make your reservation and then email Skate Party   We can then notate your reservation with any pertinate information to help make your party a success.