Our photographers not only capture your story but they are the behind the sceens logistic workers.  While you are on the river listening to your guide tell story after story there is a photographer driving a bumpy road and hiking to the rivers edge to capture the moment you get splashed in the face.  They may have a fantastic office but they get very little downtime.

As you drop into the rapids your guide yelling commands, be sure to look up, and on the shore, you just might spot the photographer lurking in the forest.  Guides love it when you stop paddling to strike a pose at a crux moment in the rapids.  So put on a huge smile or maybe we will just capture the look of terror on your face.  Either way your photos can be viewed in the gift shop after your trip and sometimes looking at them is just as fun as getting them taken.

You can purchase any photo you want, as long as you are willing to get them all for just $40. We do give a piece of the proceeds to our photographers so they can make ends meat in this strange time we live in.

Your photo package will be stored in the cloud for download and you will be able to access it via a text or email link.  Please share your photos online and we love it when you tag #SMRrecreation #SeventhMountainRiverCo and #BigEddy.  When you access your photos you will also have the opportunity to rate us on Trip Advisor or Google.  Our guides will get an atta-boy for every 5 star review with their name in it so please let us know who made your vacation.