• At this time reservations are required to skate to limit the amount of people on the ice, however, reservations can be made here night-of if slots allow.
  • Reservations are needed due to limited staffing and to ensure your experience on the ice is personal and intimate. If you know anyone that is interested in working for Seventh Mountain Ice Skating, click here
  • If web-bookings are faulty please call our staff at (541)693-9124 at least a day before the reservation date.  
  • We charge the card the reservation was made on at the time of check in.  We are more than happy to move or cancel a reservation prior to the skating session with no charge.  No shows are charged full fare. 
  • In the event we need to cancel due to weather or ice conditions the phone number and the email address on the reservation will be our contact point and there will be no charge for the reservation.  
  • If you’d like, you can book the entire rink for just you and your party for the duration of one skate session. Please select the private ice choice on our bookings page, the charge is $500 + $5 per person (prices subject to change and rink operation is still subject to weather).


  • We will follow the guidance of the State and local health authority.  
  • Please be mindful of people’s personal space and preferences.


  • Events are scheduled prior to the start of the season and are subject to change depending on staffing and weather. 
  • Please be considerate with costume choice, we reserve the right to ask anyone to leave or change if one’s costume can be seen as disrespectful.  

Party Room? 

  • At the moment we are preparing to open our party room for this season. This may be subject to change given any State or Federal COVID-19 guidance’s or for staffing reasons. For further questions or to see if you can book, visit the reservations page. 
  • Looking for catering? Our restaurant is currently being ran through Bigfoot Barbecue who can cater food for any event. Check out their website for more details and contact information.

Food and Drink? 

  • The Recreation Shop where you check in has a variety of snacks, soft drinks and local craft beers for purchase.
  • The Outfitter Bar provides beverages along with pub fare. Please check their website for their updated hours.
  • In order to ensure the quality and maintain the ice, food and drink are not allowed on the ice, but allowed on the sidelines or from the boardwalk.

What Should I Bring? 

  • Socks, gloves, hat and warm cloths.  We do sell handwarmers, socks, gloves and hats in our gift shop.
  • Skate aids, and helmets are available first come first serve here at the resort. Skates are included within the price of the ticket, that being said, those bringing their own skates get a $3 discount off their admission.  
  • Skates needing sharpening can be dropped off through our sharpening program, click here and navigate to the “book now” for more information on that. In the case your personal skates are not ready for your reservation, rentals can be provided. 
  • At this time we are not allowing stick and puck play during open skate, SO DO NOT BRING THEM. Please stay tuned for more information on when to bring hockey equipment. 


  • We have toddler sizes 8-13, adult men’s sizing 3-15, and women’s sizing 3-11. We also have unisex sizes 1-2 for kiddos growing into adult sizes.
  • With our ice skates, we only have full sizes. For best fit, size down if a half-size. Ex. 10.5 would become 10.

As a Spectator do I Need a Ticket?

  • Nope! Only those going on the ice need tickets, spectators do not need a ticket.
  • There are benches, tables, and heaters outside so you can relax while watching your skaters. Our firepits are the best place to enjoy snacks or drinks from the Outfitter.

Disability Access

  • We are fully accessible along with the Outfitter Bar under ADA guidelines, handicap parking is near the conference hall’s front entrance.
  • We encourage anyone and everyone to get on the ice within their ability and comfort level, for accommodations please talk to one of our staff.