Are you looking to have your next gathering at the Seventh Mountain Ice Rink?

If you are looking for a private room or banquet space for your group we have several options that may interest you.  Please reach out to our events coordinator Megan regarding options. If you would like your event guests to skate with us, please make a reservation online for the amount of skaters you think you’ll have.  

Skate Parties: We welcome those that wish to host a skate party.  We have outside tables on the patio and on the boardwalk that are first come first serve.  Feel free to come 30 minutes before your skate session and claim a table.  Please bring balloons, streamers and a celebratory dessert. There is no other outside food or drink permitted. Please help us keep our resort free from litter- confetti, glitter and other small plastic party items are not allowed. Food and cocoa can be purchased at the bar during restaurant hours.  Please make your skating reservation online to receive the online skating discount.

Private Ice: We are unfortunately unable to reserve private ice time during the 2023-2024 skating season. Please email us if you’d like to inquire more.