Why do we take reservations?

  • Its the best way for our guests to know when we have open skate vs private ice or BBL games.
  • We can contact those with a reservation in case of weather delays or closures.
  • We can schedule staff to better suit skating demand.
  • It speeds up our transaction times at check in.
  • We extend a discount to those that reserve in advance!

We do not charge your card until check in.  We ask for a card on file to make our check in process simple.  We will correct skater numbers and discounts upon check-in to reflect an accurate payment.  No shows are not charged.

If a session is not listed it is because it is FULL or Private Ice. We do not have a waiting list as we have vary few cancelations.

Prices listed include skates.  Discounts for own skates are only given with reservations.

ICE UPDATE- 2/3/23 11 am- The ice is looking great today! If you are looking at open skate please know that our 8pm session tonight is closed for private ice.  All other sessions are open skate.  Thank you