Our Equipment


Our fleet of reliable Deschutes rafting equipment consists entirely of self bailing SOTAR Elite Rafts. SOTARs are proven performers and known as state-of-the-art whitewater craft. These boats are often chosen for tough competitions and expeditions throughout the world. They glide effortlessly over shallow rocks and maneuver gracefully through the toughest rapids to give you the best ride imaginable. All our PFDs, personal floatation devices or lifejackets, are Coast Guard Type V approved and provide the highest level of safety for memorable Deschutes white-water rafting. Select from a large range of sizes, from the most petite person to the largest person,  each can fit into their lifejacket safely and comfortably. Enjoy our complimentary transportation to and from the river in clean, well maintained vans and buses with some of the friendliest drivers you will meet.

  • Entire fleet consists of self bailing SOTAR Elite Rafts
  • All lifejackets are Coast Guard Type V approved and range in size
  • Complimentary shuttle service to and from the river