Meet Our Crew


The staff of Seventh Mountain is handpicked and personally trained. For 30 years the company has cultivated some of the most renowned Central Oregon rafting teams and continues to do so. The expert river guides aim to keep everyone well informed about safety, the specifics of whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayaking, outdoor adventures, and the environment. Our celebrated Oregon rafting company holds the Deschutes River in high esteem and takes great pride in our work and in the surrounding natural beauty of Central Oregon.

Our Expert Guides

Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota

Occupation(s)River Guide & Lift Operator

Years guiding: 4

Rivers: Deschutes, McKenzie & North Umpqua

Likes: Fishing, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking & mountain biking

Dislikes: Crews that don’t listen or work together. 

Regionally recognized for: Certified Zamboni driver

Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota

Occupation(s): River Guide, Mt. Bachelor Events & Ice Rink Support

Years guiding: 9

Rivers: Deschutes, McKenzie, North Santiam & Clackamas

Likes: Hot sunny days & crushing boats into rapids

Dislikes: People who don’t like to get wet

Regionally recognized for: Two-time “Rumble on the River Champion”

Hometown: North of the Motor City, then 20+ years in Colorado, and now loving life in Bend, Oregon

Occupation(s): Alpine Ski Instructor, Raft Guide, Administrative Concierge, & Musician

Years guiding: 4 seasons as a river guide with Seventh Mountain, plus 5 seasons as a commercial guide in Colorado and Utah, and a few years of private adventure.

Rivers: Colorado, Green, Yampa, Arkansas and Deschutes

Likes: Everything and anything outdoors, in all seasons; Music, from Mozart to Green Day.

Dislikes: Spam (computer, not canned), greed and flat tires (a Fat Tire is ok, though)

Regionally recognized for: Amazing dance moves; strumming some Neil followed by Kurt around the campfire glow.